Wisdom from a Toltec Dreamer

Wisdom from a Toltec Dreamer

I am on the road looking to seek out people who are making a difference in the world and using their talents to assist others.  I am taking a big leap of faith that the right people will show up, I welcome you along for the journey.

There are so many people with so many stories, yet there are many with a special twist.  They quietly do their work hoping to bring light and/or bring the vibration up, in people they encounter daily. I have met so many, and this trip I hope to meet more.

Knowledge is Power!   Like the wisdom from grandparents, people in these times, have learned a lot. They have found themselves in circumstances, which have guided them into a world where they had to work on emotional issues at a deep level. They then learn and grow, and then become teachers.  What I have found so amazing is, that these people are deeply passionate about what they do, and they become part of a great time of change, hoping that even if it’s just one person, they can help heal this world.

To change the world is to change the vibration of the people of the world. Vibration is a frequency that is in everything, trees, plants and even rocks. Our body can resonate at varying different frequency. Some people resonate at a low frequency depending on the food they eat, the amount of stress in their life, the amount of sleep they get, and the amount of time spent outdoors. It can change depending on where you spend your thoughts and how grounded you are to the earth.   Frequency can be disrupted by a higher vibrating energy or a lower vibrating energy.  Vibrating low or high is not worse or better, it just is. I call a low vibration a mild hum, where thoughts are slow, and actions are reactive. High vibrations are like fast hum like a hummingbirds wings, moving quickly and thinking clearly or understand things at quicker pace.

Music is one way of bringing up vibration. Have you ever heard a song that just brought you to place of sadness, or a song that made you laugh and want to sing along?  That is one example in how vibration can work with music. In so many ways music brings us to place in our body and thoughts.  That is how musicians make a difference; the ways they practice is important to the vibration of the music. By sharing with you, they bring to you to a specific vibration.

My first interview, I got called into after I attended a night of great connection.  I met Russ Jones, a humbling soul, with unique character,  we connected through facebook and then again this night.  I had brought my flute from Peru, which I have fought with,  could not play, and approached him with my issue.  That conversation led me to see that he had a great story about life.

Russ Jones is a master flutist, playing songs for people, live on facebook and sharing the gift of his talent. Native American flutes are his specialty; they have a specific sound all on their own.  I learned this; since purchasing one from Russ; that it takes practice of breath.  I am so grateful, that this lesson has been come to me, as it becomes one more piece of self understanding on how I breathe. What a great gift he shares, with everyone he meets.  If everyone learns to breath, or slows down to hear a great song on a flute, we all can vibrate at a higher frequency.  As the sound itself has its own resonance so does the person who plays it, like any instrument.

Russ started his journey through looking to learn to play the drums about 7 years ago. He went to the music store and was not interested in the loudness of the background music, yet was called to the flutes and he has been playing ever since.  He shares his music on his facebook page because he feels that the soul of the flute allows people to become more in tune with self, and brings the vibration of people to a higher frequency.

One more of the gifts that Russ shared with me , is something he came upon  when he journeyed into Mexico, where he learned the teachings of the Toltecs and ancient civilization. Russ is a Toltec Dreamer  and shares Teotihuacan a Walk with people, supporting them in discovering their true nature.  The teaching of the Toltecs has been brought to the world through Don Megal Ruiz, “The Four Agreements.” An Amazing book on self discovery from within. It impacts the inner self, and was one of the first gifts I ever received,  on how to connect with the deeper meaning of life. At the age of 35 the book was a beginning into my journey in healing my own hurt soul.  This book changed the way I see myself in every circumstance.

The four agreements is a great read and easy, it assist you in understand the bigger meaning of you. While it may seem spiritual, or religious, it has none of those overtones. If you even look at the simple teachings of each agreement you can see how it can affect your world in positive manner.  It’s touted as a personal guide to freedom.

The Four Agreements go as follows.

  1. To be impeccable with your word. (are you?)
  2. Don’t take anything personally> ( ya right?)
  3. Don’t make any assumptions (what do you think of me?)
  4. Always do your best ( I can only hope to!)

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These agreements are simple to learn; however to practice them in everyday is tough. Look at it try it, and then think about simplifying. The Toltec teachings that Russ shares is through Power Journey’s. They are non-medicinal gatherings where you find a deeper meaning of self.  He travels to Mexico and Peru taking people to teach them about Toltec’s and assisting them in dreaming a better life.Try a self empowering Journey to Mexico, learn with a humble teacher. It can be an inspiring journey to understand your higher meaning. Russ welcomes anyone who is ready to delve into self discovery, added bonus he plays a wonderful flute.  Click the link below to see how you can take that journey.

Toltec Dream walk

Russ sees himself as the ultimate dreamer, as he is one of those people who look to find meaning in this life, he adds in his own touch of magic, by assisting others to become better for themselves. I would agree that he is an amazing dreamer, bringing light to a world of chaos. I appreciated the little time I had with him, his soul has learned a lot, so that he may now teach.

Look at the Toltec teachings, listen to the music of Native people and I hope you can find some peace in this world through the journey.

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