Why is the World in such a hurry?

Why is the World in such a hurry?

Is there something I just don’t get? 

I wonder why we are all going so fast that we don’t take the time and slow down, and look around, see what is going on in the world, into the people’s worlds that we encounter. When you go to check out at the local grocery, do you look at the person behind the counter, look in there eyes? Do you see if they are having a good day or a bad day? When they say “Hi how are you today,” is your reply the standard, “I am fine how are you.”  Then the check out begins. What about when you go out to dinner, hostess seats you, do you exchange eye contact or the usual and go about your dinner. Yet these are everyday people serving you. They have a story, they have a life, they are there getting paid to service you, yet there is no connection. There actually is a lot of disconnection.

Is that what the world needs right now?

This blog came about due, to a day of enjoying a beautiful valley in Northern Utah on my road bike. Where the views are amazing and so wonderful to share with any companion; which is what I was doing. When I encountered, fast paced got to get somewhere traffic, yet they used more energy to honk a horn, than to apply pressure on the break, and even just move the steering wheel toward the left and safely veer around us. (no oncoming traffic) Just a simple honk and a near brush with a side view mirror.

As if I was in their way, not seeing that I could enjoy my bike ride.

So many times I hear people say, “road biking is so dangerous, I wouldn’t do that. “   I wonder if its courtesy, or lack of knowledge, and or even the idea that one person owns the whole road, that create these ideas, stopping people from enjoying this beautiful world.

I also encountered big truck on small hwy, which they could slow down and give a rider a bit of room, instead a biker can get caught in their air wake and it almost pushes you off the road.  Ya I guess this is why road biking is dangerous, but does it really have to be?

Why is it so hard to put on the breaks, slow down and look someone in the eye, and know they are experiencing this life with you, on the road, in the market, or even out to eat?

It takes that one moment to slow down, get out of  your world and see that we are all human on this planet living a human experience at our own level.

It also creates a place for courtesy, when we acknowledge that the person on the bike is enjoying themselves,  to to think of giving them a safe place to do it, and I can slow down.  What is really great is usually the biker will extend a wave thanking you, instead of the all too familiar “bird” ( which yes I did use). What a great moment of courtesy.

I also think of the everyday people dealing with a life circumstance, where it’s just devouring their every move.  Some people are afraid to make a change, or those that have no Idea how to get out of it. They may work at the local market, or they may even be driving a vehicle and very late for work and one more obstacle is becomes that extra hurdle.

Do you think slowing down, will help.

Do you think stopping and looking around at the people will allow  person lost in their own world to step out and see possibility?

Where are you in your life, happy, so happy you don’t see the people around you, or if you do, seeing others enjoying themselves at the expense of you being late, is just an irritant?

How do you connect with everyday people, how do you not? How can you get out of your shell and see the bigger picture?  Why is it so hard to stop and see the people across from you at dinner or the attendant at the gas station?

Making the world a better place is about looking around, seeing where you have it good, gratitude goes a long way.  Gratitude in slowing down, for a bike, to see a face, to have a conversation with others that are not in our immediate world we are able to connect,  find joy and be a better human to ourselves first of all and those that serve our world.

Oh ya and I could have been kinder and just let the lady who almost hit me with her mirror pass with her, ego in check. I dunno, but I did want to connect with her and just ask her to please read the rules of the road before driving again. I think the bird was just to get her to slow down. It would have been nice to have dialog, however in this world the bird is recognized as the international sign for………

Lesson learned for me.

I just ask that you take the time and build up instead of flipping the bird.





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