Taking the Road Less Traveled

Taking the Road Less Traveled

 A road less traveled has made all the difference, while I walk a very fine line of what is normal and what is a world of wonder, I know that there is possibility.   Traveling a road that I  did not know who I would or if I would encounter while on it , became and opening of that wonder. What I did find is many people looking for answers to find resolution, many people just living and supporting each other, raising the hopes for all.

In my last blog “Looking at the connections”  I ended in Lolo hot springs, where if I would have looked the other way I would not have gain perspective on the strife of so many. There were people who are coming out from under the blanket of drugs and alcohol, pulling themselves  from the destructive forces of addictive substances.  Their struggle only showed me that I had an opportunity, and to keep moving on the path that I have been on, the one less traveled, the one that will elicit change. Creating a positive place for future generations to enjoy life fully.

As I continued on the road from Lolo, my trajectory was to meet a women, I met in Lolo. She was a firefighter and was moving on from the fires of Lolo to go home for a bit, and she invited me to visit her at the reservation she lived on. However; I found out long into my journey she was not as close and my travels would have taken me further out than I was prepared for. However I will visit her soon, and know that story will continue.

It did steer me toward Bozeman Hot Springs, where I thought maybe  there might be people looking to connect, yet it was quiet and very solitary in the camping area.  I did meet an older gentleman who was hoping to help a young girl find her calling and stay off of Methamphetamine.  He shared his and her story, that he was able to assist her to begin to see the light, she began to write, and now she is drug free and attending college to pursue her writing career . He had his share of a story, and took his perspective on political insights and liked to write about it also.  Looking at the man you would see his sorrows for what was happening in the world, and how it is so hard to get people on board to change the paradigm. He stated “He felt the hands of people are tied and there is no way they believe they can change it.” I tend to agree, yet I will add that people have to choose to change, and can, by untying the beliefs and be brave enough to step up.  I feel it’s about being the example, helping one starfish find her calling, assisting those who are ready, and staying open to all people who come into our lives.


After the wonderful conversation with this amazing  man I decided to soak in the hot springs as my body was ready after days of driving and  lifting camping supplies in and out of the car. I wish I had trained Nala better to help, yet she lacks opposable thumbs.  So off I went, leaving Nala at the camp to watch over it. I found the hot springs was more hopping and resort like, with a fitness center, large swimming pool and smoothie amenities.

As I entered the space, there were a lot of people, kids, teenagers, and older people we soaking through out the large pools. It was almost too much, yet I needed the warm water.  I spied a women sitting by herself at the end of the pool where it seemed quiet. I came over and began to conversation about the Chaos on the other side. The next thing I know I had met a siStar, she was a health coach/personal trainer, she had lived in Wisconsin and she loved all the same movies as I do. We then began to talk about my journey and how I am looking for people who are interested in changing the world. She stated that I needed to meet the band, friends of hers, that were working on Reconciliation tour.  I was so intrigued we set up a time to meet in the am and awaited to meet them.

The next morning I was not prepared for the story I got from the singer Jana. It was an amazing journey, and so full of growth from all levels. I honor her and her ability to dig into the depths of truth. Even though at times judgment could take its hammer down upon her, she was steady on her path.  Her husband, daughter and son are amazing attributes to change.  I will dive into the complete story in my next blog. The story deserves the attention of entirety and I believe the message is big enough that it calls out to everyone. Please take the time and look for it.

As I left the presents of the new sweet friends I had made, Jana and Kat, I felt renewed and ready explore my next adventure, where I was invited to play on the Snake River with some very old friends, aka other family. It was an amazing drive through Yellowstone, I did see a few animals, but most of all it was about alone time in the car, with Nala, as we had to wait in Labor Day traffic and accidents, we got to see people reacting, waiting and becoming impatient. So much perspective on what is important. We sat in the cool air and collected our thoughts on what will the next adventure would bring.

We arrived late at the Snake; and were welcomed by a huge family. My other family, who are interactive in my life at least once a week. They check in and let me know that they are interested in my travels and life. They also allow me to be a part of their world, and ask me just to be myself. They also show how much they believe in me. This is their higher work, standing by someone, believing in them, working for higher conscious thinking. They are positive rays of light, in a world of chaotic times, and I honor that in them.

We spent the next couple of days rafting the Snake River, where at one point I was asked if I wanted to jump off a cliff (into the river).  Bucket list item! Sure enough,  it was insisted, when the person rowing the boat,  who has supported me in many of my life learning journeys,  backed the boat up river so I could jump.  The act of  backing the boat up was a example of how much belief and how I was supported in “you can do this. ” This is such a great gift.  It filled my heart with  joy, and allowed me to feel that anything is possible when you have the support of people you love and they allow you to be you, so I jumped. I was exhilarating , and a check  off that bucket list.   I am lucky to be a part of these peoples lives as they are very supportive of the journey of hope.

Sometimes that is all a person needs is to believe they can jump and be safe, to know that someone has your back. Strangers, acquaintances and even family, all have a story, they all have some ability to be supported, if someone is there, all it takes is just to give them hope on their journey.  If we all took the time and supported others who are struggling, yet ready to change, we can elicit change  in them and ourselves. All those people needed at Lolo were just ray of hope that they could shift their paradigm, and when they got that they jumped.

I hope that everyone can see that this was not just my journey, that their journey, and it is well worth taking, even if the road is less traveled.

How do you impact the world?

How can you?

How do you lift a soul up?

I want to hear about the strides you are taking, I think the world should hear more about what is right. Please take the time and share here or on my facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Sanotude/.

Lets share with the world your stories of hope, lets see if people can look at the other side.

Julia Rae

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