I have personally worked with many different people and I am honored to share their stories here with you

In my late 30's I wanted to start participating in triathlons, so was seeking a swim coach.  I was lucky enough to be referred to Julia for coaching.  I had a severe phobia of water, didn't know how to swim, and was extremely claustrophobic.  It took the 1st session to get comfortable with the water, and Julia helped me find the courage to put my face in the pool.  After many lessons in the pool, I was ready to practice in the lake.  Julia was there swimming by my side, encouraging me not to quit, and talked me out of many panic attacks along the way.  There were many times when I wanted to give up on my goal, but with Julia's patience and calm demeanor, I was able to participate in many triathlons.  Not only did she teach me how to swim, but empowered me by helping me conquer a severe phobia.   I would definitely recommend Julia for coaching, and wouldn't hesitate to work with her again for other coaching needs.

Elise May, The Woodlands, TX

Julia is amazing! Imagine talking to someone who is kind, caring and compassionate. Who is open to your energy and connects with you without reservation or skepticism.

I have never worked with anyone with so much life and positive energy. Julia makes you feel at ease so it’s easy to spill it onto her. She takes one issue at a time, digests it and then works with you toward your end goal. The way she guides you teaches you is gentle yet efficient.

There was one time when I was in front of Julia beside a lake and we were deep in conversation. I was amazed at how close she was too me, almost nose to nose, I felt she was enveloped in my energy, she was present and listening, she was living that moment with me.

This amazing lady NEVER judges, never puts you down or makes you feel inferior. She has the absolute best energy I have ever felt from another being.

Kind regards,

Rebecca Figeroa

It has been my pleasure to work with Julia Rae of the course of the past two years as my personal health and well being coach.  Julia has an impressive depth of knowledge concerning the human body, not only in the area of exercise and nutrition but also in the importance of mind-body-spiritual connection.  In addition, her upbeat, kind and balanced demeanor has allowed her to partner effectively with a variety of clients in order to facilitate change.

I am delighted to recommend Julia Rae and her services.  Her integrity and her passion are a perfect combination that will be a benefit to any organization for which she becomes involved.


Beverly Zimmerman