Morphing like a Caterpillar

Morphing like a Caterpillar

Angels and Butterflies

Demons take wing

All can be healed if you know where to believe.

Going inward or onward each has its place,

When it is time to let go, we begin to expand beyond this time and space

Beyond the belief and into the story you go,

finding out what  isn’t and is all about the show.

You can now morph you and your ideas on what to be,

now you get to fully step in to the greatest version of what you would like to see.



My Trip to Peru was amazing, and I learned so many things, most of the learning was about me, how I interpret the world around me and how each person I interact with plays a role in my life. I know through the mirror work, that people have their own path that they are on, as we cross section we get to learn and work at the things that come up in us all. I got to delve into a deeper level of that.

I learned that I needed to slow down, just to hear what the people were saying, mostly because they speak another language (that may I admit I did not practice enough,) yet it was perfect because I got to stop, listen to what their body, and gestures were trying to say to me. I got around in Peru, because of the ability to interact without language.  I had to let go of concepts about language, and how we communicate to be able to grasp and connect to the message.

I also learned about how I have attachment to the idea that this is the only way we communicate, I also learned about attachment to people, things and stories, do not serve us or more importantly myself.

My main reason for going to Peru, was to go into a retreat, where I got to look at myself on a deeper level. One of the most amazing pieces of the retreat was a book that came across my Path.

Story time again.

In the retreat center there were thousands of butterflies, red and black, hues of blue and silver, orange and yellow. There were huge morphos everywhere, which is the picture shown in this post. They were amazing and everywhere, yet they never touched you or came in close proximity.

One day as I was on my way to the showers, there was a beautiful Blue butterfly that flew up to my left shoulder lightly kissed it and landed on the rock wall next to me, where I stopped just to look at it. It sat quietly and then fluttered off.  I thought it was interesting because,  I allowed me to see it, fully expanded In front of me. That is the slowing down part.

As I entered the shower area, there was a book, which had not been there the prior day.  The author, stood out first, it said “Julia Butterfly Hill” and the name of the book was “Luna. ” Its about a woman who sat in a tree called Luna to keep the tree from being clear cut. I decide I needed to read the book, the butterfly, my name and well my passion of saving the earth were all embedded in the theme to learn more.

The book was amazing; I recommend you read it, just to get a sense of the destruction of the planet. However; my point is not about how we can be better stewards to the planet, the book sends the point home.

My point is the interpretation in one of the chapters in the book.

Julia talked about how;

A caterpillar has to learn to become the butterfly, by letting go of attachment.  First it must let go of the idea that it is just a caterpillar, it is not beautiful, eating leaves and moving about the forest in the state of grub. It has to let go to morph into the next part of its journey.  In the chrysalis, it is safe, it is changing, yet it is secure and comfortable all wound up, in its cocoon. To merge into its full beauty it must also let go of that safe attachment, of comfort and ease. Letting go of this allows for it to move out of the chrysalis transforming, into the beautiful butterfly.  If it had stayed in its grub state it would have held onto the story that this is how life is and would have never been able to move into transformation. It had to let go to move into that place of change long enough to become the fluttering butterfly. Showing its full beauty and grace, pollinating flowers and sending joy to anyone who sees it.

Holding on to attached ideas and stories, restrict growth. It feels safe, yet the joy inside is not seen on the outside. We miss interpret things and ideas, because we look to the same story vs. stop and listen as the idea’s splay themselves out in front of us. Had I just stuck to the word of the people of Peru I would have been lost, instead I looked at the gestures and saw the person as they spoke and I had an amazing time.

I heard the message of the butterfly loud and clear, I got a real clarity on what I wanted in my life and how I needed to let go of the attachment to any idea of what it should look like.  Doors keep opening for me because I am peeling those layers of me off, layers of belief and attachment.

How do you stay in your caterpillar state, feeling like a grub, making no sense of your world.

Where do you hold on so tightly that you cannot transform.

How can you let go and grow?





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