Love the Beauty within

Love the Beauty within

I am in the knowingness of my imperfections, I am in the knowingness of my fallibility.

This is the alter of an idiom of ideology.

For you stated you would not have a child with me, yet are drawn to connect yourself with me.

Because I am the temptress that you seek.

I live in this skin you see, it is ageing and I continue to wear it with all my beauty.

My soul knows the beauty is with-in

My heart hurts because its not seem by them.

I walk now in this beauty light, knowing I can hold my heart high.

Knowing that you did not impact me, when you took flight.

For I am profoundly dynamic and free from your unconscious courtesy.

Unchained from that beauty casualty of not enough light to hold you here.

I am enough for me, the love I seek is in me, the beauty within shines brightly and free.

Because I know the beauty within, is all what I am called to be.



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