I am here now

I am here now

I do not fear the world anymore,

nor do I wish it to fear me,

for I live my life with each step in integrity.

One foot forward into intention, two steps then three.

For I am here now and here I will be.

I start with each moment, knowing I am in the momentum of the divine unity.

The confluence of the masculine as it devotes the time and space to the femininity.

I elevate my soul, like a rising phoenix out of the debris, burning the past of future story, embedded in me.

I am here now, seeing beyond the crux.

It is here now I work in love,

I am the divine master of my destiny.

I choose to be here now, out of fear and anxiety;

I see my power, as it rises from the flames into world of immense opportunity.

For I am with purpose, with veracity,  as I fly along with the winds  of the sky ,

flowing  with the  winding  rivers, I have faith in the roads that are in front of me,

Calling in  healing interactions,  connecting to the higher purpose of many souls.

For here now is where I can be,

flying high above the ashes of lesser than me.

I fear not what the world sees, and I ask that is does not fear me.

For I am powerful beyond my dreams, allowing the universe to work its magic through the thin veil of what can be.

And so it is!


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