Building a healthy body, working with the mind and spirit.


From the Latin saying

Mens sana in corpore sano

Which translates to

"a healthy mind in a healthy body"


Accentuation or a a suffix appearing in abstract nouns.


Sanotude is about spiritual, physical and mental assistance to find your own joy in health, utilizing creative  alternative practices.

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Looking Inward

Life has found us all in a place of challenge and the choices that we make seem to be a constant state of some type of obstacle.

This where life can hand us a change without our consent.

I call them Universal 2 X 4's.

The trajectory of where we thought we were going changes and we have to hurdle  or change course.
The 2x4 is when the choice to change is taken out of our hands.
Meeting our own expectations of what the world, our peers and family can be a struggle as we can become lost in those ideals.
All the while resisting expansion, by ignoring the lesson, we begin to form dis-ease in our life.
It can show up as, health problems, divorce, and even just the overall feeling of dying.
This is where a reaction of time tested old habits, creates stories around blame and shame of the situation. Placing a diagnosis on something that may be working for us, even if it looks or feels hard.

Sanotude is here to assist you in hurdling those obstacles with grace and ease.

Learning to nourish the body, strengthen the body, and connect with the thoughts, that bring us into our soul.

Rising above the ashes of lesser then, so that you can see the light inside?


The souls calling

It askes the spirit to be lifted, expand and grow to its fullest potential.

A vessel where spirit resides.

If properly nourished and moved it will enable us to move through life with greater ease

Ideas and mental thoughts are formed in beliefs

We can create from this place, a life of pleasure and joy.