Facebook feeds the Ego in me that wants to be seen.

Facebook feeds the Ego in me that wants to be seen.

I began using facebook back when it was all new, and I have used it in many ways. It kept me connected to  family and friends across the world. It also gave me a place to vent needed emotions, and arguments. Then it became a platform to inform and educate, raise the vibration and thinking.

I also noticed a trend in my thinking and a trend in the way people reacted to certain posts. If I had an inspiring post, I got a lot of likes and if it was some meandering thought, it was never even looked at.

Now this could be trends in how it shows up on the feed or it could be the time of day. There are many reasons why the reactions were that way. I just know I was seeing something also inside me with social media, which made me start to think about how it is changing how we do things, and how much we stay in this moment. How it feeds us and how we want to be fed life.

In the interim of being of facebook I have met many people, online and in person. I became friends with many outside of the facebook world, then stayed connected through it. I have freinds I have never met in person and others who after I disagreed with them, they de-friended me.  I became friends with old high school crushes, some became new ones. It all became my social world, as I finished my degree.

I wonder how is this world of facebook keeps us connected to each other, or does it just fulfill a need to be seen. I questioned how we identify with ourselves and what it does to our ego, and how all of this fed into the “I” how “I” interpret the world.

I thought about all those who can’t leave their homes and sit fulfill their life through others.  How the “ I “ and other people see self, and compare their lives, as they see what others are portraying.  How sad people can become, because they don’t have the life of others, and how it creates and/or furthers depression.

I wondered about the thoughts we have about what others are doing, vs. where we are at. The thoughts of comparing lifestyles, and fashion, adventures and looks, all become a part of an identity, the “I”.

Then there is the drama of de-friending, and the value of those friendships, if statements go against beliefs, or even to have a different opinion that negates others. Its easy inconspicuous and no one gets to dialog about the differences. It makes it easy to ghost off and never say a word.

As I have watched and participated in the inter-working of facebook and how it creates paradigms, which entwine with our own personal life experiences.  I see how we all are attached to the idea that we can portray our outside world in a way that we want others to see it as, and compare to what our world really looks like. I watched as people went through their morning process of animals, families, friends and even communities.  I saw how quickly people were ready to step in with kind words, wisdom and even support.

It is in itself a community of diverse family.

I also watched the ego step in, my ego, others and the reactions to it. Some were very supportive others as they fulfilled their needs of accomplishment were met, in statements to me, to others or in the post itself. This all brought my attention back to me, the “I” and how I became attached to ideas on how people saw me and became very intrigued by their reactions. When I posted my drama, it became an experience in support and unusual responses; because I am never really clear on the whole story in my posts. I became very aware of my ego, how it was enhanced by the facebook experience.

I saw how I could call in the sentiment, anger, even the chatter or laughter if needed.  I could call in love, when I am lonely, sad or just need a lift. Facebook is a community in which we can be uplifted, filled by ego or even just connect.

I took myself off facebook, just by not responding, posting or looking at it for a week.  As I did this I realized that I was looking for things in my world, for facebook purposes only.  When I found that I was restricting myself to sharing I became more aware of what I wanted to look at vs. what I wanted to share. Selfies became a non-existent thing, where I didn’t need a photo of myself.  Instead; I got to experience what I look at in the world vs. what I look like in the world.

The ego is a funny thing, facebook is also. Are they both intertwined with excerpts of what the “I” wants to be? Sending out messages for all to connect, react, establish, and or become seen. I wonder what your thoughts are, how you feel facebook and this social media world has changed you. How it allowed  you to grow or how you were able to shadow the real you.

Can you take a week off and see what or where it feeds you?

Eckhart Tolle did this youtube video about facebook and how it affects us, it questions how we define ourselves according to facebook.  It shows how we can be without facebook.


I will continue to connect with facebook and I will always consider my ego as I do. I will also look at the images and the portrayal of them, hoping to see the truth and reality of each post. I will work to be as far from ego the “I” and as close to bringing up the vibration of the self. In my posts I hope you see the real me as I take the layers off and portray the real me.

Please feel free to contribute to the discussion as it is important for us all to understand this crazy world and how we work together in it.



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