I wasn’t looking at where I was going and look where I end up.

Sometimes you just have to let things come to you, when they do, don’t be afraid to say yes. This Journey is an amazing example of just saying yes and having no preconceived notions. Once I decided to really set out and jump head first into a pool of water that seemed shallow and dangerous, I began to feel the effects of going with the flow.


Sustainable living was the subject matter for the travel days, as there are many people looking to find a way to create, recreate, reuse and renew old products and ideas. They are using many venues and alternatives to the prescribed sources like the hardware store or building supply store, to build and create sustainable life.

Leave NO! footprint, was on the subject of everyone’s conversation.


We have all heard of them, do we truly understand what they can mean to the planet and to the many homeless people, Native Americans living on land that is uninhabitable. Foxhole homes and Mitchell Zeno Ballard, are making a difference in the community of Alamogordo NM, where they have started a community for Homeless Veterans, building with re-purposing diverse excess / surplus property, and turning it into earthships. They are self sustaining, temperate climate, homes that keep a constant temperature, using solar and wind energy.  They harvest their own water, use and reuse all household sewage, by utilizing an in indoor and outdoor treatment cells resulting in food production and landscaping with no pollution of aquifers.  Earthships have a wetlands, planters hold hundreds of gallons of water from sinks and the shower area, using plants that cleans the water and is reused in the flushing of toilets. Earthships assist in growing food in greenhouses, which can be harvested year around.

If all this sounds fantastic, it is and this maybe the answer to housing issues, water problems and pollution issues. The earth is hitting a critical mass on the consumption of raw materials, and humans are becoming more and more in need of supporting the planet and themselves. Earthships contain life, reuse and recycle all in a small space.

So land is now the only issue.

I met Mitchell at a small hot springs in Idaho, where his enthusiasm for his project, was enough to get his number and look to meet with him when I was leaving the area. On the way out I was returning phone calls a catching up on business stuff, and turned the opposite direction from Mitchell’s place where he is building a moveable sustainable earthship. As I called him to see if I could find a better time, his passion and commitment was a catalyst for me to turn around and drive an hour back to meet and see his project. I am glad I did his commitment to helping the earth extends to changing building codes to allow earthships to be built so they meet expectations of earthly living, at a lower cost, and create a dynamic place for veterans to live. Using a grassroots movement, being the example, he purchased 160 acres in Alamogordo NM, to build 50 structures and house 100 veterans. His passion is immense, his ability to move mountains, literally and figuratively will, I believe, change the way we live, breath and take care of this planet.

I am so grateful that there are people out there stepping up to create change, Mitchell is just one passionate example. I posse a question to you now, how can you start to make a difference in the world? One simple step, like recycling, or volunteering, can change the world for you and someone else.  There are many ways in which we all can start to change the patterns of our human existence.

Thank you Mitchell for being the example.

See Foxhole Homes Facebook for more information about how you can support them in building homes for Homeless Veterans.

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