Dream Joy

Dream Joy

Oh the stories I have told, the many created tales that I built in my head about relationships. The idea on how they are going they fold out, and the ways I would like them too.  Working the many dramatized stories until its end or thus far. Filling the story of what any relationship is supposed to look like, and the ways I have learned to use my so called logical thinking around it.

Past history is a good indicator of what you or I are trying to create in our life. There are many relationships that are wonderful and others that end badly, they all tell a story. In some way shape and form we choose it, we choose that it would look “just like this” and have attachments to them. The story morph’s and changes as each person has their experience of what the relationship is.  Then we get to see the bigger picture of who they are, yet we don’t see who we are in them.

Think of a time or place where you had high hopes, a completely passionate and amazing ideas about a relationship. Did you see what you were getting into as the beginning of a great dream come true?  Did you build a story that completed the start of your so called dream?  Believing and creating grand visions,  and the emotions start to stimulate your endorphins and you become high. Then there is the crash, it is hard into the reality built around it, we are left standing in a stir of WTF.

Relationships are in every interaction with people. Like starting a new job and learning about the work relationships you build on and the stories of others begin to unfold around you. Their experiences of life interlude into your work experiences, and muddle the dream e wonderful  work experience. The boss seemed perfect at first and then the story dashes us with “ they are not authentic, too hard, not easy to be around.”  Scenarios in our head start with the amazement of the story, then we become caught in the stir of others issues.  How about that co-worker who chooses to unravel his or her life in your lap, or who even just annoys you by their bad habits?

What about a friend who was so awesome, you hung out every day, then it goes sour, or they move on, or you move on.

Then there are those intimate relationships that conjure up so many emotions, stirring old patterns, familial problems or non-problems.

These are all about the relationships we create internally and it plays out in our everyday world.  These are the gifts and lessons that we morph around, sometime becoming reactive, taking things personal or projecting our problems and beliefs on others.

The gift of each relationship is the growth that we can obtain through it. However; relationships are work, sometimes a little more than we have or are ready for.  It is something we can choose to reflect on and work on.

Take a look at few of my last blog post, it’s all about the experiences that I have expressed past stories that,  created my drama story. Bad relationships, heart ache and I at times let it be a complete “Kill joy”

Then I changed it.

I made a cognitive decision to go into the drama. I getting out of the story mulching into the emotions, and attachments I had of it. I also honored it and looked at the gift and begin to do the work around it.

Yes “work “around it. I pick up tools, and I move it. I work on my internal processes, take into account any and all projections about others and look closely at me. I look at how I can navigate it, so that I may stay in joy. I make hard decisions that allow me to create “My Dream” of how I would like to see my world.  I have been so successful at building the sad stories, now I am practicing the art of building positive interactions. I do this by living authentically close to my own heart. The only way that I know that my heart is clear, is because I dig deeply into my own attachments about people, experiences and past behaviors.

I can give you one tool today that can assist you into allowing you to step into that heart space. If you want the tool all you have to do is reach out via email and pick it up. You can learn to transform your stories into great manifestations of your Dreams, into Joy. Take the first step, pick up the tool and use it, peel away the layers of relationship, interaction and experiences. You choose if you want to move forward with right relationship with self.  Begin that journey and manifests the dreams that you have stored in your,” I wish I could place.”

Become your Dream Joy

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