Breaking the “BAD”

Breaking the “BAD”

You are your incredible Brain

Habits are formed through behavioral patterns, and are imprinted on our neural pathways. Neural pathways are the superhighways that nerve cells utilize to transmit messages. When you  continually  travel over these pathways, the pathway becomes a practice of normalcy. Choices over and over  forms a brain pathway.  Forming habits and learning to break out of them is a science all on its own; and the pathways can be over ridden. The brain is always changing and you can start new pathways and create new habits. That’s called the neuroplasticity of the brain.

Yay for the brain!

Habits can keep us tied to choices that become bad because they do not serve us, they intrude in our life.  Eating poorly, staying up late, sleeping little, work stress become attachments in everyday practices. Even mental self talk patterns are all ways that people stay in behaviors that keep them unhealthy or unhappy. Yet we are unable to break from them, using shifting behaviors.


People believe that breaking habits is the ability to utilize Willpower; and there are many theories’ about willpower and how trying to utilize it, we become depleted easily, and it thus it takes the power away.  It’s a theory. I do believe that if we become deterred or find ourselves off track we become depleted quickly, because we think we have no willpower.

Willpower is not about the simple breaking the “BAD” habit; it is about looking deeply at the intention of the habit.  Putting your will into understanding why, and then utilizing an alternate healthy habit; which in exchange give you more power.

Taking some time and slowing down, enables you to focus on the habit you want to break.  Becoming more intentional, forms change with the patterns in the brain. Willpower is focus on the function of the habit, how it was created. Each time we overcome the obstacle,” the power” in “the will” develops into an everyday practice.  Becoming more in tune with our self and we are able overcome more of the habitual so called “Bad Habits.”

It’s now time to work on your attachments, to the ideas and ideals that keep you suspended in your unhealthy habits.

I have worked with many clients, when they first start the process of change, they recoil because they have to change something that seems so important in their life, yet at a closer look they really are just in a place of attachment to the idea of what that particular habit was doing to serve them.  The sooner they move past it the easier the change happens.

Making choices everyday for the health of our self is a task that gets brushed aside very easily. We tend to commit to family responsibilities, work and or community obligations, which all are a great distraction to self health. They also become habitual ideals; yes Ideals and  beliefs of “ that this is how it’s supposed to be. “

After a hard long day at work, the first thing we do when we get home is…….?????? What about morning time wake up, or lunch time rush and get back to work. Do you think you have room to stop slow down and change one thing to make it easier and more fluid, enriching just that moment?

Look at the patterns you stay in, look at the ways you feel unhealthy, what ways do you handle emotions. What ways do you work or not work your body?  How do you make choices in food?

You know the stomach is the first Brain.

What are the beliefs that keep you in a pattern of this is what I do, yet know it is not healthy for you or your body.

Is life just a little draining and change seems that much harder? Do know that change uses sometimes a little or less energy exchange than you are already putting out there?

Does it seem hard to concentrate on breaking a habit, yet maybe that habit is making it that much harder for you to concentrate?

You can create a life easier, just by stepping up and acknowledging the truth of attachment.

How much time do you spend in front of the TV, Social Media, disconnected and connected through your phone? 10 minutes of time can change how your health feels.

How much time on this earth are you spending intentionally?

How much time would you spend to find Joy?

There are ways to become better at your thinking, your attitude and your intention toward life.

How much is it worth your time and effort?

Remember the Brain can change and so can you.

If you want too.

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