Julia Rae

Julia Rae

Hi I am JuliaRae; Thank you for being apart of my life’s purpose, empowering people, in their body ,mind and spirit.

Sanotude; a vision  of my life’s experiences culminated into a triad  of healing modality. Using mind, body and spirit or soul purposes.  I utilize my talents to assist you, into meeting your greatest potential.  I have been  in training throughout my life, on my emphatic and psychic abilities, I see the pathways of challenges and outcomes that people can take to shift to a more joyful place.

These experiences have culminated over the last 25 years. I has given me perspective of the diversity of stories in so many lives. The work that I do is intuitive, my practice has been growing with the great teachers, shamans, and healers, along with my degree in alternative medicine, This is my life’s purpose to inspire people to become stronger in their mind, body and spirit.

I started the journey in nursing school, I transitioned from western thinking of fixing after it was broken, too getting healthy before or during the onset of illness

I have learned that we can change and alter our life, just by looking at our beliefs. Let’s face it, the world is complicated, and dysfunction seems to be the norm along with ignoring our own truth. I continually look at my own wounds so that I can better assist those who are going through trauma, that is why I blog, to shift perspective. I share with you my stories, from alternative methods, to my own thinking about situations, and show how we perceive things can shift, just by looking at life differently. I utilize many methods that allow you to heal, strengthen your own abilities and learn to overcome challenges. We become the masters of our emotional triggers, and begin to make empowering choices. I have been a part of many amazing transformations, believing that anyone can overcome self created obstacles, by changing old pattern and creating a healthier lifestyle.