A worthy journey

A worthy journey

Allowing the journey to flow.

Oha, how do you begin at the end, yet you’re really at the start.

In my last blog post “SHEDDING THE MASK OF SELF BELIEF,”

 I talk about how my life, and how it unfolded, to create where I am at today.  Where I am at today is sitting writing this  blog post,  as I get ready to head out on the most amazing adventure of my life.  Something I wished for not ever knowing it would come true.

As I begin this journey into my deepest desires, I find that worthiness in itself is a journey.  As the intention I set as a young women, has unfolded into the most amazing adventure in my life, it came with the struggles of belief.  Sending a wish upon many stars, I just wanted to believe I was destined for a grand life.  As I made my desires made known the Universe began conspiring to make my dreams come true.  

It took a little time to understand that the big picture was on its way, and I can only see it now, because I held on. Time; for me, has not always been easy on me.  It gave me many obstacles to guide me on that path. Learning the flow and that synchronicity was putting on a play for me to follow certain patterns.  Patterns that took shots at my self esteem, my dreams of being something more, was bashed against many obstacles, and did not align with what I was being told. It all seemed to be a lie, it seemed to be resistance to making the dreams I had wanted as that child, that was not worthy of me.

It was like a river that took many twists and turns.  It sometimes was quiet and calm seemingly stationary, yet slowly flowing on a path of destiny. As the turbulent waters were ahead it seemed as though I was being towed under, when all the while it was the universe grounding me into the ride.  The tossing and turning over each rock would then turn into a recycle of endurance training.  The path of most resistance sent me swirling, the path of least resistance also taught me to swim upstream.  Sometimes it was back into turbulent waters to relearn what the waters felt like. Other times it was just to recoil in flight or fight.  I had to learn to swim with the flow.  As this ride of life splashed its way down into the earth, I became the sturdy rider, dazed and confused at first, amazed and in gratitude as I now float into the sea’s of the next sailing adventure.

Because I stood the test of time, stood through the many adventures in self belief and worthiness, I am now floating my way down to the beautiful city of Jaen, Peru, where I am lucky enough to be studying under a wonderful teacher,  the art of Qi Gong  (an ancient art of self healing). The wish I placed upon those stars is  coming true.  Desiring the ability to learn so that I could teach, to travel so I could learn and to be in place in my heart where I can receive the many blessing that have been offered to me. I am in honor of these many lessons, the many people, and the love that I now get to share with you.

As I will be on this Journey for a few weeks, I will be recording a blog about this adventure and will look forward to sharing when I get back. I also will be ready for the next adventure in assisting those who are ready to see why and what the universe is doing on your ride.

I can teach you how to swim; I can teach you how to float.  I can give you the tools; you just have to pick them up and soar.

 Namaste “ The Light in me honors and see’s the light in you.”

Namacra “ The crazy soul in me honors and see’s the crazy soul in you.” (can’t take credit, yet it is a good one.)

We are all Devine beings, learning to find our Joy.

I will be responding to all correspondence after the June 2nd, due to dreams coming true.

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