Believing in the pieces within, letting go of the ideals of others.

Believing in the pieces within, letting go of the ideals of others.

We live our lives thinking believing in ideals that are supposed to match societies truth about what is right and wrong, about you. What looks good, what is moral or ethical, media sells to us the next up a coming thing, we all need to have. Sending messages of what it feels like to have, be or look like.  How we should dress and feel about life, is played out in dramas, television, movies and even real life, that hands us these cards of belief.  We have a choice; though, if we choose to pick it up and utilize the information as our truth, or we can disseminate the information, discern the real message according to our own self belief and move forward with a greater understanding of ourselves.

When we are born we have no self identity,  we grow and go through many interpretations of others. We also have a soul calling that is deep within us, that piece of us within, that says no I am not that. However; with the many messages our own existence is always called into question, and we can get stuck in the mundane of the world. Get up, go to work, eat lunch, go home eat dinner, go to bed get up. We look for media to fill our lives with life, food, exercise, alcohol and various other outlets.  We learn behaviors that meet the social norms, losing sight of what the true light from within looks like. Becoming the mold for what our parents, teachers, religious or political leaders, want us to believe about ourselves. Question is, are they sending messages that are in the best interest for you?  Are they an agenda, to set up an idea you need to buy, be and follow. Does it align with what you believe your existence in this world is?

What about our existence what does it all mean, according to Adi Da Samraj an American spiritual teacher, writer and artist, “The ultimate import of our human birth is to Realize the Truth of existence.”


The more we look at the path that is dictated to us through media, we transform ourselves into ideals that do not match our own thoughts. We become not us, we become the ideals of others. We tend to do this and align with these norms, so that we may “fit in”. It is a funny term, “Fitting in society only hurts when you don’t.”.

What if you decided that you wanted to be authentic, original, your creative self? Would that feel easy, or would that be harder than “fitting in”? In this moment of action, is when we become more aware of who we are and what our path is. Being authentic is scary, judgment becomes the card that you are dealt, yet standing on your own beliefs is the power behind your true identity.

Take today and look at the messages you receive in the daily messages, look at the past messages your received when you wanted to step into you, and were rejected by judgment. Look at the ideals that you place your beliefs in, yet do not practice.

Then ask yourself how you can truly realize the truth of your existence if you are following the guidance of sources that have an agenda. How can you today step into fully who you are? What are the pieces of you that have stayed through all the messages and have said this is you?

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