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Month: February 2022

Waking up


Ah its been a while since I have written, and it has been a journey. As with all my journey’s  they are fun, magical, full of learning and usually a cast of characters that sometimes I couldn’t even imagine up.

The last three-four years has been a ride, not just for me but for everyone. While going through this ride we call life,  I personally have experienced it all and I bet so have you.

No one is sure of anything these days, and it is important to know you are not the only one. Its good to connect with people and its is also good to go inward.

Inward, the ability to be able to look deeply inside yourself, allowing time to sit with your thoughts, and the ability to sit with your body.

Well between, a tail bone breaking, to covid all I can say is healing is essential.

I say this for many reasons, for myself it was the on set of slipping on a piece of metal on some stairs, to watching the world shut down freak out and begin the funny game of projection.

I started with having no one, just me by myself to take care of me, as I couldn’t move, other than sit (which hurt) or to lay down. Standing was easy, walking was a new art form, and god forbid you drop something. Sleep was disruptive and comfort was essential.

After about 3 months of self care, slow movements, I started to be able to walk. I think I could have gotten better a little sooner, however I was finding this need to show how tough I was. I sacrificed my self just to be apart of someones world.

Lesson 1 in Co Dependence, when you allow people to disrupt your health, your probably co dependent.

Once the art of mastering( I say that lightly)taking time, being careful with my body, the season soon turned into the mass hysteria of a pandemic…….So things shut down, and became comfortable being less stressed, less pressured to get out and do anything. Also at the same time great changes were abound.

I will be talking about these changes with a new dedication, to focusing on my writing.

While many things have come from the changes, in the world, most of them came from with in.

What have you been doing during this time, how has it effected you?

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