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Month: November 2018

Dear Brothers. Fathers, Lovers and Sons

Dear Brothers. Fathers, Lovers and Sons


Dear brothers, fathers lovers and sons, you are transforming,

you are becoming something you have been told not to do.

To show your truest colors and vibration, which does not align with social realms, where ego masculine tendencies is only accepted. The feminine spirit calls you to see the world you want to see, to create beauty and grace from within.

My dear brothers, fathers, lovers and sons you are important and essential, it is time to heal and find ourselves aligning with the highest possible good for all. I see you struggle, I hear your tears, I feel your pain, yet I am only the goddess that can hold space. For you must find that feminine strength of will and power to become a whole. Stepping away from the domination of past beliefs, stepping up to protect as your masculine cries’ out to connect to the feminine spirit. We are at war, and whole new war, one that has never been fought before at this level.  The war of Love and compassion, the war that will and can create change and peace within, it has the power to transform.

It is a silent war, but not like the silent war you are waging on yourself.  It is silent messages of looking at your ego, your life bound thoughts of what no longer serves you. For this war of good and bad is not working for the whole any more. No more shaming and blaming for what went wrong.  This silent war of listening to the messages that resonate, that does not cause you pain or perpetrate unto others.  This silent compassionate war is powerful.  Become silent in your reaction, silencing the demonizing thoughts, and allow the universe to speak its truth with you, for you, so the joy can be lifted up in you.

Oh brothers, fathers, lovers and sons, you are pure love, you came from the womb, where a spark of synchronicity brought you into this world, into this realm to find out who you are already.  While our lives up to this point have had many obstacles and perpetrators, and it is time to stop the old stories from reinventing themselves, it’s time to find balance within.  You are a co-creator of this world and this is the time to come back together, work and aligns with each other. It is time to find compassion, for I am your mirror and you are mine.

Dear Brother, fathers, lovers and  sons, you are humanity now, not broken, yet laden with the thoughts and pressures of being enough, just as I am.  Let us come together, in the now to see that we are a part of the whole, the yin, the yang, the masculine, the feminine, the spirit within.  As the goddess I am here now ready to stand up to the domination, stepping away from fear, allowing for blame to take a back seat, and compassion and love to be the only weapon we hold.  I start with myself and see where I have damaged your soul and stand proud that I could get to this place to forgive, the me and the you.

All we have done is asked each other to be seen in the dark.  I now rise up to the light and ask that you see that this war of love and compassion is what we can do to heal, taking the power out of hate and destruction. Reconstruction the dimension of life here on earth,  connecting with bricks that build a solid family foundation, a solid connection to source and a solid foundation to the earth mother. I ask pachamama to assist us in co creating a new existence that will lift all the creatures of the planet to a new place of harmony.

Dear brothers, fathers, lovers and sons, I see you, I honor you and I find us all wanting, to be in joy and harmony. It is now that you have the power as I do, to dream into possibility.  It is now we can come together and be all we can be as one.

Julia Rae