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Month: October 2018

The Snake Grass Grows

The Snake Grass Grows

Sitting by the river where the snake grass grows,

I ponder what does mans religion really know.

Does it know that trouble is never around the corner, just, a bend in the river, a confluence of water.

Life is about growth and change, each challenge a stepping stone toward the grain.

The obstacle a possible dream, a segue of consciousness moving through the stream.

The presents of this moment, becomes the flow, and allows for the dream of scaling images to bend us beyond our control.

Looking deep within the blessed earth, a little light of hope nestled in a seed. The sudden spark of awareness its existence a great mystery.

The seed takes its flight, knowledge that the earth shall provide. A spark of intuition, to strive, and live in the stream, the seed sees only the existing dream. Tuning into its soul, as it only takes what it needs to grow.

Shouldering the changes of weather and rain, seed knows the heart will mend and gain.

The moon, the water, the sun, the seed, the plant, the snake grass, all magic set of synchronicities. They all have a roll, all play a part, working together in flow.

The rivers and streams that cut through all earths mass, bringing nourishment and hydration to all her contrasts. With the heavenly bodies from above, allows for the creatures, to connect to the stars a matter of love.

The seed stretches and reaches its wings for the sun, growing, its life has begun.

Grounding its self down, roots holding strong to the earth, spreading wide, making room for its birth.

The rising sun, waxing moon, it is all a part of a great plan of harmony, working interconnectedly.

The sun glows, the seed knows the moons rhythms are all about the ebb and the flow.

The evolution of life is a grand design, a natural bend on a botanical ride.

We are all here now; grown from the core, a spark of life, a conscious play of storms.

Life is now, it is time to free ourselves from within, let us clear all the told stories, and break the shell that is so thin.

Snapping the archetypal cords of attachment that we get to play, that keeps our souls time bound to surviving each day.

If only to be in the now, reaching for what we hold dear, honoring a great plan, walking away from fear.
The planted seed, intuitively knows that we are a part of a grand destiny to behold.

So the snake grass grows, thriving, and flourishing along the bank of the cool river that flows.

For in fall of the summer the harvest will come in, it will settle under the cold winters dim.

The snake grass beds under the snow, shelter and warmth for next year’s seedlings to grow.

The faith in that moment, knowing each season has change, the waiting and knowing it is all a part of the game.

Under winters frozen blanket, life is an alter, time and patience is all that she can offer.

A promise, there will be waiting streams, springs magic, and what it brings.

For in the here now we can see the beauty and grace, in all things, we become the maker of dreams.

The seeds we can sow, in connection to the earth, the sun and moons endless ebb and flow. The universe promises that they will be there for us to grow.

If we can all work cohesively, learning from the snake grass, to be here now in synchronicity.

Free ourselves from forcing a change, faith is what we need it’s all been arranged.

Connected to the seed, commit to the desire to be, fulfilling a grand destiny, trusting that all the mystic pieces will fall cohesively.

Know that you are an essential piece of this planetary ride, a plan of great action, there is something about our pride.

To be here in the now is a jump in to all possibilities, having faith that we can see.

So as the snake grass grows, along the river that flows; all for the expansive destiny.

Julia Rae