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Month: November 2017

Passionate Places

Passionate Places

Like many of you life has been filled with trials and tribulations, and until the day I die it will continue. The choice in this matter is all in how we interpret it and find the passion within our lives. I have been on a great journey all my life dealing with the many ups and downs she has handed me. I feel so honored to be able to continue on this journey and be in the presents of  so many who are also part of a movement to heal themselves.

I have met some many passionate people , in my tour of life and a common thread from everyone I encounter is that they see how the earth is being destroyed and are confused about how to shift it. The earth and her resources are being turned into a commodity so that humans can have something palatable to hold on to.  Yet as I have found out in the experiment in life that things have not made me happy and the search for the ultimate mate has only taken me deeper into sadness. As I continue on the journey of life I find that I am in search of the feeling of joy and I find that I get very sad quickly and feel pain in the when I see things, people and animals being destroyed or hurt.

I asked myself “what can I do, to assist this planet into a better space?” and how can I find joy, when all I see is the destruction.

The answer came in a form of a question”what is my Passion?”

Pretty interesting question, I feel passionate, yet what is it I am passionate about. It took me some time and a sweet journey that took me and a few friends into the desert of Utah, where we were able to see just a small piece of the amazing past,and the shifting times of the planet.  We explored places that showed how amazing life has changed and yet it seems so still, when you are in the vastness of a thousands of year old dessert crevasses, eroded over time by winds and water.

We sang into the abyss of cliffs and it resonated a mirror of what we sounded like. I enjoyed listening to the echo of music played by friends, such an amazing sound and vibration.  It was like child’s play at an adult level, with the most profound feeling of Joy and Bliss.

Then I began to realize; the one thing that initiates joy in me is the presents of mother earth. How glorious she stands before me, with all her gifts.  The wonders, and sights that make you really think about our existence. The earths ability to fold and turn land into such grand structures. The history and knowledge that humans have gained from transformations, and the formations, has allowed us to grow and build our homes and structures to withstand time. We have learned so much from her, on how to survive.

It is an architecture of patterns that winds and waters carved out, eroding the earth, where ancient humans made homes in places to this day still amaze me.

There are so many experiences in my life that has connect me to the feeling of joy each had something to do with the wonder of the earth. I have stood under great waterfalls in Peru, walked into the dessert into a great oasis of clear dark waters, witnessed fish foraging for food on a great reef. I realize that is all about the abundance of witnessing what the earth is, and has to offer.

The great joy of  the experience hast inspired me to share with you the joy I was able to connect with deeply. It was all provided by the earth. A playground of sounds and sights that enhanced my mood and elevate my spirit.  I realized I was passionate about living on the earth and wanted to protect these lands.

The earth, her mountains, her seas, animals and tree’s all are engaged in living its life persevering .  Yet as humans we are looking at fracking for gas, flattening rain forests for her trees, polluting the oceans with the what we need to throw away, tearing apart the most amazing places on the planet.

If there are no places for humans to visit and see their ancestry, hear their echo, climb a mountain, walk in desert or swim in the ocean, how can we connect or find that place of joy.

I found my passion, in the desert, in the mountains and in the vastness of the planet. I want to become more engaged in her presents and assist in educating people on how we can enjoy the earth with less of a foot print. I went home with a sense that I could make a difference, working toward a my passion the health of Gaia and the life upon her.

From the animals, to plants and humans, we all need a space to be in her wonder.  The one thing that has remained the same is the stamina of the earth and her ability to provide so far. She is strong and will hold a rock upon a spire, through winds, rains and earthquakes, only when that rock is ready to fall will it come down.  Yet still the rock will be a rock the spire will be a spire and life will go on creating. My hope is that she will be able to sustain the existence of humans and there perpetuated need to self gratify through her sources, vs, find the joy through her sights and sounds.

How can we continue to maintain such wonder, when the human race is taking  unconsciously, continuing to super size everything they have, yet there seems to be more disconnect to where it is provided from.   We build to live in these large homes where we stay inside, and continue to dig out the outside.This to me is such a wild metaphor, yet so apropos’.

I am grateful that I could experience the vastness, the history and the beautiful echos in the desert and I hope to make a difference in keeping it that way. I also hope that everyone can find the joy I found in the desert, the mountains or the ocean. Keeping it beautiful for all the children, animals and plants who will inherit it after I am gone.

To be a good steward to the planet you have to be a good steward to yourself.

Are you really happy and find joy in your choices, or are they just a topical treatment for fulfilling a desire that you are in no connection with. Can you find the time for you and connection with the earth everyday? Do you see where you take to much and enjoy to little?

Joy is just under the surface of everyday living. I hope you take some time and spend it in the presents of the earth and her wonder.

My wish is for all to find the joy and their passion, with regard to how and where it comes from.