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Month: July 2017

Reiki and Sound Healing

Reiki and Sound Healing

The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of work and play.  I got play in the high mountains of Utah, Idaho and Oregon only to see a great perspective on life. It has so many facets, and yet we all have experiences that develop a perspective on life. As each facet changes that perspective we also grow as humans. I have had the opportunity to grow and learn so much about myself and others, I am a very lucky person.

Recently I was fortunate enough to attend a Reiki and Sound healing with three wonderful practitioners. Michael Eakett , Jenniffer Poitra(Shen) and Leraine Horstmanshoff.   Each a master in their field, combining them together in this healing experience, I could not fathom how amazing it would be.

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Sound Healing adherents say that listening to percussive instruments like gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, and tuning forks reduces stress and can place the listener in a meditative state. Practitioners offer their services as an alternative treatment for problems like anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and PTSD.

The day of Reiki and sound healing, I was feeling very jittery and I also had to drive in traffic to get to the Dancing Crane in Salt Lake City.  It was a little overwhelming, due to the fact it was rush hour time and to add to it, it was Friday.  Upon my arrival my body was tense and my patients was truly tested.

I entered the center taking a few deep breaths to come into the present moment and was greeted by Leraine, who received me with  a loving hug that instantaneously sloughed off the anxiety of the drive.  The next big hug came from Michael, who filled my soul with calm readiness to step into the healing experience. Shen then smiled as she does in her magical way and assisted in seating and comfort.

I have had experiences with Reiki, and have felt the alignment with in my body. I also have studied sound healing, was able to utilize it in working with clients.  I was prepared with the knowledge of the how’s, and what’s, and the difference that each practice could generate. What I did not know is how they would work together.

There were about 16 plus participants, each person found a space on the floor with a comfortable mat and began to quiet and center, becoming open to receive the healing.  Lorraine began with the beautiful sounds of her voice, invited us to make the same words and join in singing with her.

We then were instructed to find a comfortable position lying down, and ask what we would like to have healed.  I eased down and then closed my eyes.

The didgeridoo, flutes, water gourd, sounding bowls, drums, gong and rattles began.  I asked myself what I wanted to heal, and felt my body suggest my heart and neck. The movement of sound brought me into a calmer peaceful place, and the resonance ran through me. Each instrument had its own vibration, hitting deep levels in my body, opening into my heart and filled it with a light energy. The voice of Lorraine became the focal as Shen and Michael moved around the room, working on each person.

With my experience with Reiki each practitioner is intuitively called to the areas on the body that each person has spaces for healing.  Michael and Shen moved from person to person, intuitively laying their hands where the healing needed to happen.  When it  was my turn, they laid their hands upon my head where I felt a light hit my neck and flow down into my heart space. In that space I felt pain, extreme pain at first and then began to dissipate.

Pain is interesting, some people experience pain in different ways. Some have pain all the time and some people avoid it; however there are those who learn about their pain and learn to deal with it differently, like I do with my neck.  You begin to form and understanding and relationship with it.  Relationships can change and so can you alter yours  with pain if you look at it from a perspective.

I see it as growth and with growth there is pain. Most people resist pain, I choose to pay attention to it, it allows me to see, so it will not fester, and heal it. When you get a cut, on your finger,   if you don’t wash it, calm it and cover it, you will get an infection.  I have felt pain over many years in my due to a universal 2 x 4 we will call and injury. It has its flare ups, I have seen a chiropractor, massage therapist, an acupuncturist and this day it was Reiki. Each form of healing has allowed the pain to dissipate; however I did also have to do emotional work on it. Usually neck pain means judgment, judgment of self or others.  I look at what is in my life for judgment the minute the pain comes in.

As the healing continued, I felt pain in my back and streamed  up to my neck. I then felt lifted as if I was being held by many hands into the air. I realized that Micheal and Shen were surrounding me, with their grace and abilities. They must have circled the room a couple of times, and the second time they laid their healing abilities on my head. The heart space began to calm from the pain, and I felt the need to breathe deeply. As I took a deep breath in, I felt a sharp pain in my lungs, I then felt it dissipate with each deep breath, and soon I was pain free and felt calm, a calm like sound of the ocean waves or breeze that touches your cheek.  I then heard the resonance of the bowls and didgeridoo, as it flowed through my body; I came into a calm state, where I was able to sink into quiet peace.

I was in such a great space that before I knew it the healing time was over; all the people in the room I became more aware the surroundings and  then heard the tenderness of Leraine’s  voice as she called us back to the present.  We ended with three calming Ohm’s and Jia.

As the days have passed since the healing my heart has felt whole, my body has felt aligned and I have not had that anxiety that I was dealing with before the healing.  I also saw where I was judging myself, being a single woman on her own learning to make a living at what I love.  I know that the healing I encountered with Michael ‘s healing hands , Shen’s intuitive nature and healing abilities and surrounded by Leraine’s amazing voice, the experience has left me with a great feeling of gratitude and that I too can assist in  finding many avenues for the clients I work with in healing. This experience also shows how combining strengths, that healing can be magnificent, for anyone ready to begin.

As you begin or continue on the journey of healing, please don’t look in one place, look in many, most of all your heart.