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Month: January 2017



Perspective from many viewpoints can change your world


We all have idea’s in our head about what things should be and look like. As we meander through our lives we find that the perspective can change as our circumstances and lives become entangled in drama. The life story we tell can create a perspective that only see’s the negative,  in others and ourselves. Many people like to stay in this space, for many reasons, some because its comfortable, or safe, because every change in their life has led to more negative than positive, so it is easy to stay in one place.

A belief is built around the circumstances and keeps a person in the state until they reach a breaking point. Some of these breaking points become spiritual emergencies, that create an emergence to change. I call them universal 2 x 4’s. They can hurt, but they can also be a gift, if you work around the story that created it.

There are many tides in life, the waves can be seen as gifts coming in, and sometimes the waves are pulling back until you are ready to receive the gift again. Seeing the bigger picture in our life is hard, we only have our own perspective, and cannot see when the wave is sending us a gift. Instead we may see it as something to knock us over again.

What if you had another look from a different angle, the angle of understanding and love?

What if you could change your story, before it became a spiritual emergency, with a big 2 x 4.

I believe that everyone has the choice and the ability to change their lives. It just takes courage and support. How can I be of service in helping you change your story and perspective?